The Journey of the Waters

The Journey of The Waters is one of the ceremonies that Changing Woman left to Her People. It is a 400 mile sojourn through New Mexico and Colorado into healing waters; some of which have now been incorporated into modern health spa facilities, while others still maintain their rugged natural environment. This journey is an ancient quest for purification and transformation ultimately culminating in an initiation to Changing Woman. These healing ceremonies of the Journey of the Waters are available to non-native people today due to the vision and persistence of Oh Shinnáh Fast Wolf who pleaded with her elders and teachers for fifteen years before granting her permission to share these sacred healing ceremonies with the world.

This spiritual sojourn has transformed the lives of countless people seeking release from cellular patterns of thought and behavior that trapped them in unhappy, unhealthy lives.

Oh Shinnah and Deep Arrow Woman and Bright Owl, the two apprentices she chose by way of a prophetic dream to carry on this work, will once again take a group of international, non-native men and women on this life affirming and life altering journey from Ojo Caliente, New Mexico to Ouray, Colorado.

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